Renaissance Tower

location: Istanbul, Turkey
force range: 6500kN
max. length: 9.5m

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Istanbul Technical University, Technopark building

location: Istanbul, Turkey
force range: 105-880 kN
max. length: 4.5m

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Airport development

location: Santa Ana, California, USA

Star Seismic BRB members were used for the lateral support of the reinforced concrete parking structure of the John Wayne Airport of a total cost of 48.5 million dollars.

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Bulgarian pilot project

location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
force range: 141 - 194kN
max. length: 2.8 - 3.1m

Star Seismic Europe Ltd. has realized a pilot project in Plovdiv, Bulgaria as part of the new 51.5MW capacity power plant of EVN. We have fabricated 6 BRB elements with 141 and 194kN elastic capacity which were installed in one of the technological structures of the power plant. In the project we have designed our standard Wildcat elements to connect them to the superstructure with bolted connection instead of field welds. Additional BRB elements were fabricated – identical to the ones delivered to the project location - which were subjected to full scale tests according to EN 15129 and ECCS protocols.

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Plum Point Energy Station

location: Osceola, Arkansas, USA

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UCSF Medical Center

location: San Francisco, California, USA

To maximize survivability during and after a seismic event, over 300 Star Seismic BRBs have been used in the UCSF Medical Center project in San Francisco, USA.

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Californai Lottery Headquarter

location: San Francisco, California, USA

The Star Seismic Europe BRB system was selected in the California Lottery design; the result was fewer braces, less material, smaller beams and columns.

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Benaroya Companies, South Hill

location: Puyallup, Washington, USA

Using existing connections, structural engineers replaced the existing braces with Star Seismic BRB’s. Also, the importance factor was increased to 1.25 with no frame modifications.

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Real Soccer Lake stadium

location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The stadium of Real Salt Lake soccer team was completed in 2008 and houses 20,000 seats. Shortening erection time had major importance: thanks to the application of BRB system the construction was finished in less than 10 months. This fast construction and the reduced amount of steel material led to a cost saving of $1 million (9.1% of total costs) from which $250,000 is directly related to the use of BRBF instead of conventional braced frames.

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Seahawks Practice Facility

location: Renton, Washington, USA
force range: 400 - 800kN
max. length: 9.9m

The practice facility of the Seattle Seahawks football team was completed in 2008. The training complex is also known as the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, in Renton, USA. An indoor training field is part of the facility, which has a height of over 20 meters. The designers recognized the advantages of BRBF and employed Buckling Restrained Braces in this structure.

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LA Live, 56-story highrise

location: Los Angeles, California, USA
force range: 3300 - 9800kN
max. length: 10.0m

The 56-story L.A. Live Hotel & Residences, located in downtown Los Angeles incorporates a coupled system of Buckling Restrained Braced Frames with steel plate shear wall system that returned 1860m2 of floor area to the developer, which added $20 million extra in real estate value and overall structural cost savings of $8 million compared to the initial concrete shear wall system.

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One Rincon Hill tower

location: San Francisco, California, USA
force range: 5340kN
max. length: 5.5 - 6m

The 64-story One Rincon Hill tower in San Francisco was the first structure in which BRB elements were used in the outrigger system. The diagonals which connect the outer steel columns and the concrete core are located between levels 26 to 32 and levels 51 to 55. Total of 16 BRB elements are used in the structure. With the support of Performance-Based Design, dimensions of structural elements could be decreased, therefore smaller columns were used and perimeter beams were eliminated. The latter one has significantly increased the real estate value as floor-to-floor glass fašade was applied.

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Park Terraces towers

location: Manila, Philippines

The 187m tall Park Terraces in Manila consists of three separate towers. Star Seismic BRB elements were used in their lateral force resisting – so called outrigger – system. Performance-Based Design was also used in the seismic analysis of the structures, perimeter beams were eliminated from the fašade, therefore the real estate value has been increased as well. The buildings which accommodate hotels, residential and retail stores are currently under construction.

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Washington Mutual Tower, office building

location: Seattle, Washington, USA

The 42-story Washington Mutual Tower (WAMU) and the 16-story Seattle ART Museum (SAM) form a special building complex. The lateral force resisting system of the tower consists of a concrete core which is complemented by an outrigger system up to about one-third of the building. The outrigger system includes the diagonal BRB elements as well. The other innovation of the project, the Performance-Based Design resulted significant cost savings: 30 to 50 USD/m2 was saved in the building construction. In addition, the structure’s seismic reliability has been improved, its performance became more predictable and the construction time was also reduced by two months.

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US Air Force - F22 Hangar

location: Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, USA
force range: 270 - 530kN
max. length: 3.3m

Due to the significant value of the protected airplanes and because BRBs can be used in a single diagonal configuration which reduces overall structural costs, Star Seismic BRBs were used in the F-22 Hangar of the United States Air Force.

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Board of Realtors

location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
force range: 270 - 1600kN
max. length: 5.7m

As a design-assist project, Star Seismic's Buckling Restrained Braces were selected because of their cost-effectiveness and the ability to display the braces on the exterior of the building. After analysis of cost, loads and length, a welded Wildcat connection was chosen.

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Nordstrom General

location: Canoga Park, California, USA
force range: 1100 - 2000kN
max. length: 6.5m

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location: Natomas, Oregon, USA
force range: 1500 - 3600kN
max. length: 5.3m

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