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International Scientific and Technical Conference Kiev

6th International Scientific and Technical Conference

Star Seismic Europe to sponsor, exhibit and present at the 6th International Scientific and Technical Conference Kiev, Ukraine, September 6-10, 2010

"The Building Constructions of Sporting and Spatial Buildings: state-of-the-art and perspectives"

Star Seismic Europe’s presentation:

September 10, 2010, 9.00am,

Laszlo Gergely VIGH, Adam ZSARNOCZAY, Zoltan BAGO: Buckling Restrained Braced Frame (BRBF) structures: analysis, design and provisions

The Conference is organized by:

V. Shimanovsky Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Steel Construction

The Conference is co-organized by:

- Ministry of Regional Development and Civil Engineering of Ukraine

- National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

- International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures, IASS (Spain)

- Ukrainian Academy of Civil Engineering

- Committee of ground and hydrotechnical construction of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Conference topics:

- design features of stadiums, hotels, bridges and overpasses on the occasion of football championship of Europe 2012 holding

- development of rational types of the building constructions experimental and theoretical investigation of elements and joints behavior

- elaboration of analytic and design methods of the building constructions

- problems in automation of design process and calculation of the building constructions

- improvements in materials, fabrication and erection technologies of the building constructions, as well as repair and reconstruction of the buildings and structures

- problems in operation, technical conditions assessment methods and determination of the building constructions residual service life

- development and perfection of regulatory basis in the field of structural engineering

- other relevant problems.

Conference website:

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